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Building digital capability to improve customer channels, ensure regulatory readiness and create operational efficiency


60 Second interview with:


1. What key pain points within investment management firms can most easily be solved by digital technology?
Digital Technology can most easily deliver the future scale and client experience demands at an acceptable cost to the clients. Pressures on service, operational costs and value will drive this. The tech is already quite mature in this space and the digital glue is getting stronger.

2. What are the key regulatory, economic or cultural hurdles to investment managers adopting digital technology?
Once through the KYC and AML hurdles of onboarding and monitoring digital clients, I see by far the key challenge to resolve is one of having the right people, talent and culture across the organisation to support the digital transformations, social and change management skills required to succeed.

3. What types of products and services do investment managers most need from providers of digital technology?
The whole digital solution is a sum of its parts - a secure, robust, trustworthy service that always delivers as expected. Service continuity, easy upgrades and automated testing of tech is imperative to keep the digital fuel for the organisation flowing.

4. Is it a given that investment managers will increasingly adopt digital technology, or is there still substantial resistance from the industry?
Because the culture shift for digital is so great, incumbents will spin off a digital group, outsource or partner with those that can rapidly deliver the digital manifesto. We have seen it in the digital content world. Those that don’t will simply not move quickly enough and come late to the party and only have the left over pickings.

5. Why will you be joining the Digital Transformation in Wealth & Asset Management Summit, and what do you hope to get out of the event?
To engage in discussion around our sector’s digital future